Model of Tram 6a
Steam Train


Steeped in transport history the first Steam Trains passed by Bowring Park
The Liverpool to Manchester Railway The world’s first main line passenger railway becoming the model for Ohio Railway Company, USA     opened Wednesday 15th September 1830 from Crown Street, Liverpool travelling along the Roby Embankment past Roby Hall Estate amidst great festivities, bunting bands and grandstands full of people. The festivities came to a tragic curtailment as the Liverpool Parkside MP William Huskisson crossed the central track to speak to The Duke of Wellington, was attempting to reboard when run over by Robert Louis Stephenson’s famous “Rocket” Train and died 9 hours later at The Vickerage, Eccles. The Rocket had won the RainHill Steam Engine trials almost a year previously held 6-13th October 1829.
Trams ran in Liverpool from 1859 and from 1915, the extension of an electric Tramway to a terminus virtually inside Bowring Park made it cheap and simple for Liverpool citizens to enjoy a day in the rural country. The last Tram in Liverpool 15th September 1957 a “Green Godess” the 6A to bowring Park rested here.
1960’s devestation for the Roby Parish community upon the knowledge their lovely people’s Park was to be severed by the proposed motorway. Upon completion of M62  opened on 23rd December  1975
As a traveller speeding along the M62 spare a thought as you pass through Junction 5 the parish of Roby in Huyton, the road gently descends towards the South East and you are traversing the verdant acres of Roby Hall Estate acquired by Aldeman William Benjamin Bowring and conveyed to the citizens in Liverpool in 1906 for their recreation and enjoyment. The Gift of Roby Hall Estate led to at the official opening ceremony the renaming to Bowring Park June 12th 1907.
Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th June 2007 Commemorative Living History was made to mark the 100TH BIRTHDAY OF Historic BOWRING PARK  a 3-DAY STEAM EXTRAVAGANZA for enthusiastic pioneering spirits Chartered by The Society of Friends of Bowring Park In aid of its Bowring Park ‘Centenary Garden’ Appeal took place with Steam Engine Excursions from Roby Railway station.